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Day 35.

Explorer A

I wanted to share my experience for those who may be dealing with the same things as well. In late January, after nearly a year of no travel after a bout with cancer, I was excited to make a trip to Denver for a friends 30th birthday dinner and a lunch interview. My bag was lost (I understand people make mistakes, so do I) and I completely missed the birthday dinner I'd traveled all that way for. Further, my bag was not recovered overnight and I was forced to spend over $400 for clothes to wear to my interview (which I've yet to be reimbursed for), as well as uber rides, and an entire morning lost to replacing items. Here we are a month later, still NO BAG. I have been nothing short of polite, gracious and patient until two days ago when i received a message through the portal (30 days later) that we could not reach a settlement at this time because I had not provided receipts. Southwest HAS MY ITEMIZED LIST THAT I WAS TOLD TO MAKE. I spent days compiling this list trying to determine what exactly I had packed in this suitcase which was FULL to the brim (and upon checking their records they could see I was nearly at the weight limit). Some of these items were very costly. Since agent Amber's response, i've been able to recover some receipts for maybe a fraction of the items. But let me ask- how many people save receipts for IN STORE purchases that they have no intention of returning? The AUDACITY to question my integrity after RUINING my first trip in a year is absolutely baffling. It shouldn't matter if I claimed at POT OF GOLD in that bag. The inconvencience, financial burden of replacement, and time spent replacing the items should be enough alone to reimburse for the full amount of the insured bag. This has been the absolute WORST experience in customer service I could ever imagine. I have spent HOURS on the phone (documented) being passed along to other agents- telling me that this is protocol. In my own life and career, I cannot imagine damaging or losing someones property and not IMMEDIATELY trying to make it right without question or doubt. I should be reimbursed for the lost luggage, the items of sustinance, and the whole trip for that matter as it was a complete WASH. DO THE RIGHT THING SOUTHWEST. Signed, OUTRAGED in Mississippi.


Re: Day 35.

Frequent Flyer B

Why post this again? I'm sorry this happened to you, but would strongly advise for anyone that travels and needs to be somewhere important that day to dress for the occasion you are attending. Or, at the very least, carry on the clothing you will need to change into once you land.


I too have lost luggage in the past, but learned this very valuable lesson for future travel that is important how I look once I land (just in case).  


There was a day that we dressed up to fly.  Maybe we should return to that and leave the sweat pants and leggings as in-home or gym attire.

Re: Day 35.

Aviator A

Duplicate post:


And just a reminder that posting here will not help you connect with Southwest, this is a customer to customer forum.