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Delayed flight

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 April 14 2018 arrived two hours early at Tampa Inter and checked in for our 5 55 pm departure to Las Vegas for our honeymoon, just to find out flight is delayed two hours becuse one pilot has to many flight hours so tgey had to find another pilot. I arrived on time and now because of there puss poor planning here we sit waiting and waiting. Not where we wanna be for our second day of marriage. Not like i have unlimited vacation, we have to be back at work in a couple of days. Thanks southwest for a f$#k up. Never again will we use your services. 


Re: Delayed flight

Top Contributor

Flight delays are a part of air travel. I'd suggest that if you are to "never again use your services" of a carrier because of a 2 hour delay, you'll quickly run out of air carriers. 😉


Good luck -- hope the rest of your trip goes more smoothly.

Re: Delayed flight

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You can reach out to customer relations after travel is complete at 855-234-4654 or in a DM on Twitter 


delays are no fun but they are apart of air travel these days better a couple hour delay rather than a canceled flight right? 


Hope you enjoy your honeymoon