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Denver to Belize City question

Explorer C

We have a flight scheduled from San Diego to Denver then onto Belize City in February.

Our flight from San Diego is scheduled to arrive in Denver 10:05am and then our flight to Belize City departs at 11am.


I am wondering if 50 minutes will be enough time for us to catch our connecting flight.   Does anyone know if international flights are in the same terminal as the domestic flights for Southwest in Denver?  Also, will we need to go through security again?  


Our return flight gives us an almost 2 hour layover, which I think should be sufficient time for customs and immigration.




Re: Denver to Belize City question

Aviator A

From what I know of Denver, you will connect in the same concourse, and your bags will be checked thru to your final desitnation.  If the flights are on time, that should be sufficient to connect, but for me personally, that would be tight.  Especially since there are prob frequent flights to Belize City.  You also have to consider the possibility of bad weather in Denver in Feb.  Note that you should be able to walk from one end of the SW concourse to the other in around 5 mins.


This is a decision about risk tolerance that you have to make.  Here's to hoping that the 50 mins works just fine!

-A List, Companion Pass holder

Re: Denver to Belize City question

Aviator A

Adding to what elijah said ---


all Southwest flights in Denver are out of the C concouse, but it is a long concourse, so I'd allow 10 minutes from one side to the other -- even using the moving sidewalks that cover much of the terrain. Of course, you might not have to walk that far.


Southwest wouldn't sell you a ticket containing a 50 minute conection unless it thought you could make the conection. It's called a legal connection. So if you're flight into DEN is on time, you should be fine. 


That being said, you'dhave 20 minutes to exit the arriving aircraft and get to the departing aircraft before that aircraft starts boarding 30 minutes pre departure time. If you have a A boarding position and you arrive at the gate after boarding begins, you might lose some of the advantage of an A boarding spot.  Thus, the recommendation would be to try to get a seat as near the front as possible of the aircraft into Denver so that you can get off that aircraft earlier.


You'll likely make your connection.. The question is what kind of seat will you have.