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Explorer C

Your deplaning policy is nonexistent for COVID. Something could be easily done similar to the boarding policy of 10 people at a time!!!!

Please keep travelers safe.


Re: Deplaning

Aviator A

Well said. I agree.


Since this is a customer forum, you might be better off making the suggestion directly to the airline. Here' how


edit add: Here's what United does. Upon landing the flight attendant gets on the intercom and tells everyone to remain seated, and that deplaning will occur by row. After the door opens, the FA tells rows 1-4 that they can deplane. After they've cleared the plane, then rows 5-8 are allowed to deplane. etc, etc, etc.


I've already recommended that Southwest do something like that.

Re: Deplaning

Aviator A

Agreed! As mentioned your best bet is to share your feedback with Southwest directly and hopefully they will make a change like an announcement when deplaning to do it in an orderly fashion not a free for all. 



Re: Deplaning

Aviator C

I know this is about Deplaning, but what happened to get on your dot in groups of 10???  This is the 3rd time, (I just flew today) that everybody lines up in the open area in front of the Ticket caller....WTH, IT's not rocket science, go to your yellow cirlce before I call the numbers please. 

Re: Deplaning

Frequent Flyer C

You can control this yourself. Or, at least to say I can. 

I take a window seat midplane. I wait until the isle is clear of people, then I deplane. 

Costs me ten minutes at the most. Often less. 

Window seat, no one in the middle, also guarantees no one’s butt in my face 😎