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Destroyed Baggage / Personal Belongings

Explorer C

Hey All,


I recently traveled from Denver, CO to Davis, CA for a work trip. On my arrival (Friday 7/30/21) back to Denver, the airport was a little chaotic from too many flights arriving at the same time.


We landed at about 12:15 AM Saturday (35 minutes delayed) and deplaned about 30 minutes later. When our flight (2140) arrived at baggage claim the real chaos began. Thousands of people stood around overpacked carousels, overflowing with baggage from previous flights. The monitors had indicated that our bags would be found on carousel 6, along with maybe 10  other flights. After about an hour of waiting at carousel 6, I asked the attendant if there may have been a mistake. His screen showed our bags dropping at carousel 9. After maybe 30 minutes at carousel 9, we hear an announcement over the loud speaker that none of the screens are correct and our bags could be anywhere in baggage claim. Finally after about another 45 minutes we found our baggage piling up on a Frontier carousel on the other end of baggage claim. At this point its after 2AM and we still have a 45 minute drive back home. We of course left immediately.


The following day as I was unpacking my luggage I discovered my laptop had been smashed and the screen was destroyed. I immediately searched for some kind of claims department online and was directed to the general Southwest Airlines number. I called and waited for maybe an hour with no luck. I called again the following day and it gave me the option to receive a call back. The call back rang once and went to voicemail. I called back and was placed in ANOTHER queue with no luck. This continued through the week until finally on Tuesday I was able to wait for 65 minutes on hold until reaching an agent who said I was already beyond the 4 hour policy window. I have video evidence from the airport of the mishandling of baggage. I feel this should be enough evidence to show that my bag was damaged because of neglect and beyond my control. They filed a "courtesy" incident report. Within 24 hours I received an email stating that they were not responsible for my broken bag and equipment.


Anyone else run into this slimy service? Looking for help in anyway as I'm now out a perfectly working laptop and also left with a bunk piece of luggage. 







Re: Destroyed Baggage / Personal Belongings

Explorer A

Buy a new laptop. Buy a new suitcase. Never ever put the laptop in the suitcase. Write to southwest customer relations with the receipts. Expect a possible luv voucher for future travel, if that.

Re: Destroyed Baggage / Personal Belongings

Frequent Flyer B

Baggage chaos is never fun.  I'm sorry you experienced this.


However, your computer should never have been packed in your checked luggage.  Unfortunately, SWA is not responsible for the damage it incurred.   


The baggage policies are spelled out in SWA's Contract of Carriage, to which you agreed upon the purchase of your ticket:

High-Value Items Unsuitable for Checked Baggage. Carrier assumes no responsibility for and will not be liable for money; jewelry; photographic, video, and optical equipment; computers and other electronic equipment; computer software; silverware and china; fragile or perishable items; liquids; precious gems and metals; negotiable instruments; securities; business or personal documents; samples; items intended for sale; paintings, artifacts, and other works of art; antiques; collectors’ items; unique or irreplaceable items; heirlooms; research, experimental, and scholastic items and documents; manuscripts; furs; irreplaceable books or publications; and similar valuables contained in carryon or Checked Baggage. For the Passenger’s protection, these items should not be transported in or as Checked Baggage. 

Re: Destroyed Baggage / Personal Belongings

Frequent Flyer A

If it's fragile or valuable it should always be carried on. 

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