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Devastated Family Christmas Travel

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DEVASTATING EXPERIENCE THAT ALL PASSENGERS MUST BE AWARE OF: I tried all I could with customer service but without taking to social media. I made four flights in November for our family to travel to Puerto Vallarta for a week's vacation over Christmas. The night before leaving, December 21, I received a text that our flight had been cancelled. When I spoke with a very kind customer service agent, she told me that the flight was cancelled due to weather. HOWEVER, both she and I quickly noticed that there were no weather issues in DCA, nor in our connecting city, Houston, nor in Puerto Vallarta. She then explained to me THE AIRLINE CHANGED EQUIPMENT FROM A 175 PASSENGER PLANE TO A 143 PASSENGER PLANE AND OUR FAMILY WAS KICKED OFF THE FLIGHT. The agent explained that there were NO FLIGHTS FOR THE NEXT 5 DAYS TO OUR DESTINATION from our city nor any neighboring cities AND Southwest does not have any arrangements with other airlines. The best she could do was refund my does that work? I have a family of four meeting the rest of our family for the Christmas holiday (all of which has been paid for) and I have no way of getting there! I was transferred to the Dallas office at 6:45pm just before closing and was told, "sorry, miss - the best we can do is refund you for your flight to your destination"... BUT I HAVE NO WAY OF MEETING MY FAMILY FOR CHRISTMAS. I am at a loss...


Re: Devastated Family Christmas Travel

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I am sorry to hear about the bad experience, lately, Southwest are up to something and I cannot find the common ground for some answers. 

Re: Devastated Family Christmas Travel

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@AmyRothman yikes, that's rather unfortunate.  Sadly there's not much Southwest can do if there are no seats available on the outbound flights. Occasionally equipment changes are required due to mechanical issues and in less busy times (aka not a major holiday) most passengers can be re-accommodated on another flight. You can keep checking to see if a last minute seat opens up by trying to book a flight on, and if it does, call to see if Southwest can rebook your canceled reservation.


Good luck, 


Re: Devastated Family Christmas Travel

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It sounds like you had the perfect storm (sorry for the pun) for a bad flying experience! I have experience a similar complex delay on another airline. Unfortunately when you mix weather (anywhere SW planes fly), a holiday, and mechanical issues, things can get tricky. I hate that you were delayed so long; I know how frustrating that must have been!

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Re: Devastated Family Christmas Travel

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I'm clear if you are still trying to get to PVR or not - I'd keep checking and hopefully if you can get to HOU have your HOU-PVR legs re-instated, but I'm also sure there are limited availability as there may only be a flight or two per day to PVR.


If you try another airline let them know the story, maybe they can offer a last minute deal to entice you.



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