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Direct flight TPA-DCA

New Arrival

I have been flying SW every week for the last 5 years. Now, I am forced to use AA.

SW has decided to cancel all direct flights from TPA to DCA. 😞 


Re: Direct flight TPA-DCA

Rising Star

Story of my life! But I am still flying Southwest 😉 


Southwest cancelled PHL - LAS nonstop flights in 2019. My last nonstop flight was in October 2018. I keep hoping they'll return, but at this point, I am just happy I can still go to Vegas flying Southwest regardless of how many stops it takes (the average is 2 per one way flight).


Flights are changing constantly due to the pandemic. Flight paths are being cut back or combined in favor of more popular routes. 



Re: Direct flight TPA-DCA

Top Contributor

Schedule changes are tough but they do happen. 


I did look in to the TPA-DCA route and it looks like there are some days in December with non stop/direct flights but due to COVID19 those flights are fewer. 



Re: Direct flight TPA-DCA

Top Contributor

Just keep watching.


As the travelling public returns, so will flights.