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Direct flights from Detroit to NYC

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Why aren’t there direct flights between Detroit and NYC? These are major cities and it would seem there would be enough demand to support this route. I personally choose other airlines when flying this trip given the connection and longer travel needed when using Southwest. I would love if this were an option and think many people would agree.  


Re: Direct flights from Detroit to NYC

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I agree. Would love to see NYC as a nonstop route. Surprised it is not one. 

Re: Direct flights from Detroit to NYC

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I would also love to see a direct flight from NYC (any of 3 airports) to Detroit. I fly there monthly, have the Southwest Companion Pass, but also hate having to spend 5 hours each way for weekend trips.

Re: Direct flights from Detroit to NYC

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Currently, Southwest only flies out of 2 of the 3 major NYC airports (Newark and LGA). You can always share your thoughts by tweeting the airline (@SouthwestAir) or by giving the folks a call. The teams are always looking to understand customer needs when it comes to routes.


Personally, I was annoyed when the direct flight from Newark to South Florida (FLL) was cut. But hey, hopefully it'll come back.



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Re: Direct flights from Detroit to NYC

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I'd suggest also using the "Contact Us" email link to register your desire with Southwest. (This forum is intended primarily as customer-to-customer discussion.)



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