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Disappointed dealing with Southwest Vacations/Apple Vacations Group

Explorer C

I had a Southwest Vacations trip for the family to Cancun in March, and called in Mid March to inquire about options given it was still up in the air for late March travel to Mexico. The Southwest Vacations(have since learned its a 3rd party but that makes sense as the agent I spoke with kept stating "United Vacations" and I had to keep correcting her) agent said I would get a credit for the flights-which I did-and said she would call resort to ask if they would give us a full refund if we canceled for the hotel portion($1700.00). She kept me on hold for 20 minutes and came back and she said they agreed and hoped we would use their resort when we rebooked at a future date. Well last week the refund finally came in at only $900 and when I called they stated that I would incur a 2 nights stay penalty. I have called multiple times to agents who keep stating they will let accounting know then crickets since. Now here is the shocker-when I spoke with a sympathetic agent this past Sunday(they were open) she called me back after I hung up with her on her personal cell number and told me I was being ripped off and they should have refunded the hotel or at least offered 25% for future travel but the other agents are told to give the run around. She was a disgruntled employee to say the least. 

I would like a Southwest employee to assist me with either a credit or hotel credit or refund. I was a bait and switch type scenario and I am very disappointed Southwest would allow this from their 3rd party vendor. People are having enough problems right now. 


Re: Disappointed dealing with Southwest Vacations/Apple Vacations Group

Aviator A

As you stated in your post, Southwest Vacations is a third party, thus no Southwest Airlines employee  is going to be able to help you.


If the other company won't help you, you probably should


a) Contact your state's Attorney General to file a complaint.


b) lots of cities have tv stations that have "help the consumer" segments where they contact   companies on consumers' behalf.. You could try that route. 


c) contact your credit card company, although it's probably too late to do that.