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Disappointed with Budget

New Arrival

This is the letter I sent Budget.


Last night September 18th at 12:30 am I arrived to Denver, I went directly to get a car rental that I have rented through an offer from Southwest Airlines.

When I arrived to the counter around 1:00 am a friendly staff greeted me and when he retrieved my reservation told me that they only have a 2 door compact car, actually they didn’t have what I requested in my original reservation, he prompt mento offer me an upgrade very quickly went from $340 to $768 for my usage from September 18 at 1:15 am to September 21 at 11:00 am. When I told him that was to much he then offer a discounted rate of $45 a day, but still the total was $679, I was tired and my two kids where exhausted at that time all I could think was to get to the hotel.
Same day (today) at 11:15am I went to a Budget office right beside my hotel to return the rental car, the person at the front desk very nicely waved my fees for returning the car on a different location but my bill was still $163 for a car I had less than 24 hours.
You are honestly stealing from your customers and it is very disappointing that Southwest partner with you, this is why I am letting Southwest know that your offers are fraudulent and not real.
Luckily I was able to find a car rental from Avis, since my experience from Budget I asked many questions and they kept their deal and everything was clear.
I know for you one loss customer is not a big deal but thanks to social media I can advice others to be careful with Budget.

Re: Disappointed with Budget

Rising Star



I'm sorry to hear you had a bad experience with Budget rent a car. 


Being that this is a public forum I recommend you edit your post to remove your phone number and full name as Budget will not be able to help you here. 


You are also welcome to click on the contact us link at the bottom of this page to let Southwest know your not happy with one of their partners but Southwest's hands will probably be tied since you did business with Budget not Southwest so it would likely be shared internally.


Hopefully your future car rentals are easier than this one.




Re: Disappointed with Budget

New Arrival

Thank you Blake,


I did sent an email to Southwest because I made the reservation for Budget through their website. I know they don’t have anything to do with Budget but they are endorsing their business and offering  fake deals on Southwest. 

My reservation with Budget was under my Southwest account.