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Discount for disability seat

Explorer C

I emailed Southwest on Dec 28 and still waiting for a response. I have a disability that I need to use my walker. I cannot sit in regular seats because I need more leg room. I contacted Southwest to see if they accommodate people with a disability that require a seat with more leg room. My husband has a back injury and he needs to have a seat with more room. My niece is getting married in Vegas in March and family is going.  For two regular seats the cost is $555 for two people versus $2,700 for two for business select for non stop from Baltimore.  The last time I flown was in Nov 2016 on Jet Blue and they waived the upgrade fee for more leg room seats. Does Southwest give any kind of discounts for the business select seats for disability reasons? Thank you 


Re: Discount for disability seat

Aviator B

I have never heard of Southwest giving a discount and they do not have 1st class seats. The only seats with leg room on southwest are the six seats in row one and the two over the wing exit seats. 

Re: Discount for disability seat

Aviator A

This sounds like a pre-board situation where you will be wanting to sit in the bulkhead row. I don't believe that this could be guaranteed for any particular flight since there could be multiple pre-boarders trying for similar positions. You'd be excluded from the exit row seats as a pre-boarder if that was the solution.

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