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Does anyone solve problems?? Or pass the buck ?

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I have waited on hold multiple times to be told they could not help me change my Companion pass for spending hundreds of thousand dollars with them. I was directed to the Corporate office number were I held for 30 minutes and the phone just hung up on me.  Finally when I did speak with Tajarae she had no clue what she was doing and left me on hold another 30 minutes trying to figure things out.  She finally came back and said I needed to send a special email a picture of my drivers license to resolve the issue. The email she gave me was incorrect.  So back to square one.  On hold again..  This is ridiculous to treat a customer that spends so much this way.  I think 2% cash back is calling my name. Time to switch.  Something that should be so very simple.  


Re: Does anyone solve problems?? Or pass the buck ?

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What exactly are you trying to do? If it's just making a change to your designated companion, according to the FAQ on you need to call 800-435-9792 and then allow up to 21 business days for processing.


If you need help with something else you'll need to provide more information.



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Re: Does anyone solve problems?? Or pass the buck ?

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Hi @Prydaddy6,


We can handle a Companion Pass name change for you pretty quickly via Twitter. If you'll reach out to us at @SouthwestAir, a Customer Relations Representative will verify your information via private message and provide assistance. Typically we can do it on the same day.