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Does southwest have any specific policies in 2020 on mace/pepper spray or tasers?

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Okay, so I know it probably sounds nuts to some people to be making travel plans, but I plan on booking a flight very soon to fly one-way within the next few weeks. Without revealing anything potentially identifying, I was planning on moving before COVID and now it's been pushed up due to economic issues in the city I'm currently in (my job is not safe and I've been told by multiple superiors that everyone in my department should be prepared for potential layoffs they just don't know yet). I plan on flying to the city I'm moving to with some suitcases of essentials, and everything else I'm not selling or donating I plan on getting later or having shipped later. Anyway, I know that mace/pepper spray and tasers are generally fine per TSA rules in checked baggage as per their website, but I know some airlines might have specific policies. I've traveled on Southwest in the past with these items in checked baggage without any issues, but if the policy has changed I would like to know to avoid any issues. When I researched it, I saw a few post saying they're fine, some saying one is fine but not the other, another saying both aren't allowed. I own pepper spray and a taser and would like to have them in a checked bag if possible because I won't have any firearms with me for a while as I don't plan on buying any anytime soon (I own two completely legally, but don't want to bring them immediately as I have limited space and I don't think it's worth the hassle with TSA or anything like that, and I don't think they're that important right now), and the news this week has me very worried about my safety whether I go to my planned destination, delay the trip, or whatever. But of course if it's absolutely not allowed, I will just buy a replacement or something, but I'm hoping to avoid that if possible. Anyway, if anybody can provide me with a page or anything official from Southwest clarifying this, I'd really appreciate it. If someone else has already asked this recently, I'm so sorry and would appreciate it if you could share that information with me. Thank you so much in advance


Re: Does southwest have any specific policies in 2020 on mace/pepper spray or tasers?

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In the matter, Southwest' s policies are a mirror image of TSA policies.

Re: Does southwest have any specific policies in 2020 on mace/pepper spray or tasers?

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The TSA has an app which offers guidance on what can fly, and where it can be placed. Learn more:


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