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Domestic Flight - Mask Exemption Covid Test

Explorer C



My daughter was approved for a Medical mask exemption due to her seizure condition.  Since she has a mask exemption she is required to have a negative Covid test.  I just want to be clear which test is acceptable, Rapid (Antigen) or PCR/NAAT for domestic flights.  We would prefer the Rapid test as it is less evasive for my daughter.




Re: Domestic Flight - Mask Exemption Covid Test

Frequent Flyer A

Best to contact SWA customer service directly and get documentation on their feedback and guidance. If you go to the airport and without very specific documentation from the airline(plus your waiver) in advance I would bet you have 50% chance on being denied boarding, Best of luck

Re: Domestic Flight - Mask Exemption Covid Test

Aviator A

Since the information about exemption policies is rather vague on Southwest's website I suggest you contact Southwest directly to get an answer.  If you can reach the person who informed you that you were approved for the exemption that would be great.