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Don't Book a Group on Southwest

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I'm so frustrated.. I booked a group with SWA and requested the ability to purchase earlybird boarding so that couples could possibly have a chance of seats together . 


SWA refuses to allow the group to $pend more monies for this option and other smalI benefit. I  am baffled as to why they... 

#1 would not want to make more for the airline 

#2 refuse a small benefit to the group or any group ! 


 When I asked to speak to someone in Corporate Here is their response: 

Our Social Care Team is a part of our Customer Relations Department, and we assist Customers on behalf of the Executive Office. At this point, our Social Care Team and Customer Relations considers this matter closed, and there will not be any additional follow-up. -Jennifer


I feel discriminated against .. this more than likely will be the very very first and last group I book on SWA .. for sure. 


Re: Don't Book a Group on Southwest

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Sorry to hear about your difficulty.


You could just write the CEO a letter . Just becasue the social care team considers the matter closed

does not mean that you do.


I have no idea why they would refuse to accept EBCI money -- maybe it has something to do with allocting to different people in the group. I dunno. Makes no sense to me either.


Gary Kelley


Southwest Airliines

P.O. Box 36647
Dallas, Texas 75235


Re: Don't Book a Group on Southwest

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Thank  you .. I did write to CEO Gary Kelly and sent a letter to the address... 

I was told there would be no response and the matter was closed. 

Re: Don't Book a Group on Southwest

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I'm sorry your disappointed with Southwest groups department!


i have used Southwest groups several times without any issues. 


it has been a stated policy for some time now that you can't add EB to a group reservation. While sure if I were in charge I would allow it because yes it's more money but I believe the reason it's not allowed has to do with the way the reservation is done maybe because it is a discounted rate off of wanna get away price online or some other reason I'm not sure of. You can find out more about the group travel policies Here 


My suggestion for people is if they are wanting to add EB to someone book them separate from the group of course you would still need to have at least 10 people on the group reservation to qualify for group travel. 


Another suggestion Is on day of departure ask the gate agent if you can do upgraded boarding which costs $30-$50 a person and gets you in the A1-15 group I don't see a policy stating you can't do that so it's worth a shot of course that is based on availability on day of departure. 


Hope this helps


Re: Don't Book a Group on Southwest

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Thank you.. based on all the reviews I have seen about the boarding nightmares, and that groups are treated differently,  I would bet that would be refused... but .. I'll try it.   Thx. 

Re: Don't Book a Group on Southwest

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Group Travel is a bit of an odd bird. You essentially accept some significant limitations and issues (the insane telephone hold times being one in addition to the unavailability of EBCI) in trade for a possible small discount and most importantly passenger name flexibility/transferability. There are pluses and minuses, what may make it work for some may be a deal-breaker for others.


The response you received from the "CEO" doesn't surprise me. I find that suggestion (writing to the president of a company) to be naively outdated, and generally a waste of time these days. Especially at a large company like Southwest. YMMV.