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Don't Count on Wheelchair assistance anytime soon in Vegas

Explorer C

When I was returning from Las Vegas, the driver of the shuttle between the airport and the car rental center had called ahead for a wheelchair to meet us but none was there.  She asked me to sit on the bench and someone would be right there.  After 15 minutes I had another Bus driver call to check on the wheelchair and was told it was on the way.  It finally arrived after waiting almost 30 minutes.  When I was checking my bags at the counter, I was told I would not be on my scheduled flight and was curtly chastised for not arriving earlier.  If I had known it would take that long I would have piled my luggage on a cart and se.   and pulled in behind my walker somehow.  Is this problem common?


Re: Don't Count on Wheelchair assistance anytime soon in Vegas

Explorer C

that has happened to us more than once in Reno (where we live) and other airports.  the last time we wrote an email of complaint to Southwest and were compensated with flight credit as even though the assistance people are contracted with the airport the airline is ultimately responsible.


Apparently it is a violation of the American with Disabilities Act as their replies included a federal government link if we wished to pursue it further.  


Include all the information you have, including flight # etc.  Good luck!