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Drink Vouchers

New Arrival

Anyone hear if expired drink vouchers will be honored when SWA decides to join nearly every other airline in offering full drink service onboard?


On another note, when will SWA resume full drink service?  


Re: Drink Vouchers

Top Contributor

I’d expect the airline would honor any that expired between 2020 and now — probably extending to some time next year

Re: Drink Vouchers

New Arrival

Once upon a time, drink vouchers didn't have expiration dates...maybe they will grandfather that back in.  Perhaps have a voucher limit per person per flight based on duration or provide certain boundaries that encourage true beverage sip and savor.

Re: Drink Vouchers

Rising Star

At one time there was an announcement that drink tickets from 2020 could be used through the end of 2021, but drink service still isn't back yet, so it may be extended further.


And also: no airline is offering alcohol on board yet to my knowledge. At least not Delta, American, United, etc. 



Re: Drink Vouchers

New Arrival

Delta is offering Beer and wine.