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Dry Ice/Meat in a cooler

Adventurer C

Want to check this - traveling to San Juan with meat I want to keep frozen. From what I can tell, I can put this in a polar box with up to 5 pounds of dry ice? I need to label the box. Anything else?


Re: Dry Ice/Meat in a cooler

Aviator A



Actaully, you are dealing with FAA rules here, and not Southwest rules.


Yes you are allowed up to 5.5 pounds of properly packaged dry ce in checked baggage.

Re: Dry Ice/Meat in a cooler

Aviator A

You can also use sealed, frozen ice packs, the kind you would take camping. Just be mindful of the overall cooler weight, gotta be under 50lbs. I've packed meat and ice packs in a suitcase and had no problems, albeit on a fairly short flight with cooler weather.