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Duty free false info from flight crew

Explorer C

4 times now , returning from Cancun…

we grab booze from duty free. Get it put in the required clear tamper proof bags.. 

no problem to BWI,,, but we have to transfer to MHT. The flight crew says EVERY TIME as we land, ooh, anyone with duty free liquids will have to put them in their bags at BWI before continuing on to a domestic flight.

ive explained this to each flight crew, some ignore me, som have gotten pissy, how dare I contradict them. 
This false info makes many other passengers upset, as they have no room available. 
The FAA rules are quite clear, and the same info is on

Ive called into customer service EVERY TIME and the service person checks, and agrees that per the laws…. Any duty free purchased on an international flight, if continuing on a domestic flight will be considered part of the international flight, and all duty free will be treated the same… 

And I  ignore the staff, get my bags through customs, re check them for domestic…. Carry my duty free through domestic security, they check that the seals are intact, and I board my DOMESTIC flight with my 3-4 liters of booze, ( way above the 100 ml) and no problems , ever.

Im told that flight crews are to be retrained on this rule change that happened 12 years ago…

please pass this info on to anyone that needs it. 


Re: Duty free false info from flight crew

Aviator A

This is a customer to customer forum, feel free to submit your comment directly to Southwest

Contact Customer Relations 



Re: Duty free false info from flight crew

Explorer C

Ya, I know . And I call every time, as I stated. 
this is a note to help anyone coming back and getting false info. … like the other person that posted and said thanks. 

Re: Duty free false info from flight crew

Aviator C

Thanks for the info.   I am always concerned about that when flying home.   I did not know large bottles could go through security if sealed by duty free.


Not that I buy much... always seems cheaper at Costco.   But good to know.