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Elimination of non-stop service between IND and NYC

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I'm really curious about the reasoning behind eliminating all of the non-stop options between Indianapolis and any NYC area airport. I've been a loyal and exclusive Southwest customer for the last several years and usually fly to NYC 3+ times a year. Now every option takes between 4 - 10 hours and requires stops in Florida, St Louis, Kansas City or Denver - all of which seem just monumentally ridiculous.


I'm a SW visa card holder and will likely be switching primarily to my Delta AmEx because I'm not wasting 9 hours to fly to New York when Delta can get me there directly in 2 hours.


Re: Elimination of non-stop service between IND and NYC

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Boy! Am I glad that you are switching from SWA to Delta. No wonder why SWA sucks one of the day..They should of explain on why they are eliminating their routes.

Re: Elimination of non-stop service between IND and NYC

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@rachellake - I understand your frustration!  I have had this happen with SW before as well, and it caused me to change how I travel to certain frequent business destinations.  With that said, I have also experienced the opposity: a destination that only had one-stop routes became non-stop.  Jackpot!  SW ( and other airliens) change their routes based on many factors.  Unfortunately, there may not be one specific answer in this case.  If you would like to discuss the matter further with SW, I recommend reaching out to them directly here.

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