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Emails: Lost Item

New Arrival

Has my item been found? I was received email updated from but then then the emails stopped one week into the 30 day search. I have not recieved anything since. It is confusing to recieve serveral upfront communication then nothing.


Filed a Lot Item Report on 03 April 2018 (#1416068). 


Email timeline:

03 April 2018 generalized,  "we recieved your lost item report and are looking."

05 April 2018 generalized, "we have not found it yet, we are still looking."

09 April 2018 generalized, "we have been looking for seven day, have not found it, still looking."

Then nothing.........


Re: Emails: Lost Item

Top Contributor

Ugh, sorry it hasn't been found yet. If you want a response from Southwest you'll need to either call them or send a direct message on Twitter (@SouthwestAir). 



Re: Emails: Lost Item

New Arrival

Thanks for the Twitter tip! Unfortunately 30 days went by. I did receive the email that my item had not been found. It was oddly inconsistent communication. Safe travels!