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Re: Error Message 400620347

Aviator A

@Javeryj09 wrote:

2022 here..... 



That message means it was more than 24 hours before scheduled departure time, and you would have to wait until the 24 hour mark

Re: Error Message 400620347

Explorer C



Since this issue seems to have been around since 2019, I'm praying and hoping that there's a fix now ... I'm getting this error on my android phone, on the mobile website on my phone, the full website on the phone, and the website on my laptop ... I have rebooted and uninstalled and reinstalled countless times.


I'm helping with an ill family member, there are entirel too many "moving parts" to the situation, and I am having to reschedule my return flight week to week, often close to the last  minute ... so this error is wayyy less than helpful. Customer service folks are very courteous, and are not at all equipped to help with this.


I have a deep long-standing loyalty to Southwest, being from Dallas ... this issue,  and the apparent lack of urgency to solve it, is beginning to shake that loyalty.


I'm asking yet again, first time in this particular forum ... help, please? Many thanks in advance. 

Re: Error Message 400620347

Explorer C

FYI received this error code and the only issue was an incorrect credit card CVV#. Corrected it and was good to go.

Re: Error Message 400620347

Explorer C

Hey Nicole,


I understand it is an old thread, but I am experiencing this issue on both mobile and web (PC and mobile) and it is now 2024. It definitely seems related to flight changes, as the problem started right after I made one. This issue is very frustrating because the customer support representative is unable to resolve it, and it appears to be an ongoing problem that the tech team was supposed to have fixed years ago. Can you help us?