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Extending a layover

Explorer C

I booked an inexpensive round trip fare.  The return flight home is from PDX to LAS to HNL.  I would like to extend the layover in Las Vegas for a couple of days. How can we make this happen?


Re: Extending a layover

Aviator A

You would need to cancel the return flight and rebook it as two separate flights, PDX-LAS and LAS-HNL 



If you got an incredible deal where the return flight is cheaper than the PDX-LAS flight would be to rebook, leave the existing flight as is and book the LAS-HNL as an additional trip.  Then, just get off the plane in LAS and let the remaining leg of the trip go unused.  You would NOT be able to check bags because they would be checked through to HNL unless you asked and were allowed to check them just to LAS.  This would certainly raise some questions though so I wouldn't count on it happening.  It's also polite to inform the gate agent of the LAS-HNL trip you will not be flying after you arrive in LAS so they don't spend 20 minutes paging you.