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Extending voucher for a second time

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Desperately trying to find a way to extend a flight voucher for a second time.... for 18 days after they expire! I am so desperate I am sharing this  on a southwest forum. Here it goes.... 

My, now, husband,  his awesome son and I  had made plans to get married in Puerto Rico last year but the hurricane hit and Puerto Rico was wiped out.

Of course our plans changed and southwest offered a 6 month voucher. We smiled and were grateful for the voucher.

We bounced back and decided to drive to a local beach and got married there. We basically paid for two vacations, one, making the best of the situation and the other with the vouchers from Airline and hotel.

We needed to use the vouchers. Summer would of been ideal but my stepsons mother already had plans with him. So we asked for an another extension and we were again so grateful. We tried to find a good date to include Liam but it’s been difficult because he’s in School. 

We thought maybe we could take him over thanksgiving but his mother asked that we try another date and not take him over the holidays.  We want to respect her wishes  so we looked at January. We made hotel reservations in January  with the hotel voucher. 

I went to make flight ticket reservations for December 30 to January 6. But I couldn’t use the voucher because, alas, the expiration date is  December 19th. I thought we had to make reservations before the 19th not make the actual flight reservations before the 19th, if that makes sense. I called to see if they could extend until the 6th, 18 days after ext, and was politely told no that I have exhausted my extensions. 

This broke my heart. All we have been trying to do was include my stepson, my little heart,  in our vacation, while honoring his mother’s wishes and not taking him out of school by trying to find tickets within our price range and when the hotels point system had availability.

This has been such a stress.  Southwest was our only road block the last piece to the puzzle and we were kindly rejected. I cried. It’s so stupid to be so upset over something so seemingly easy. Something that we are privileged to do.  I know there is more going on the world and my vacation plans is so small in comparison.  I used to work for southwest, I have friends still flying, and I have nothing but great memories and thoughts about the company. I spent 14 yrs in the military and have seen countries that need more in life then a vacation.

Even if our plans do not go through after my begging and sob story, I will still love southwest because I recognize that this is a “me” issue and not a southwest issue. I’m just trying everything possible so I don’t have to look at my 9 yr old and tell him he can’t come with us because I could not beat the road blocks.

I am desperate. Sadly I only have  about 20 hrs before I have to cancel the hotel reservations. I don’t expect a response before then but have hopes. I don’t expect my problems to be solved in this forum. I just am reaching anywhere possible. I couldn’t find customer service email. 


Re: Extending voucher for a second time

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Congratulations on the recent marriage! It does sound like you've had quite the experience trying to get everything arranged. Unfortunately, there's no one here in the Southwest Community that can help you, most of us are just normal customers like you. If a call to Southwest already ended in a "no", that's probably your final answer, especially with such a short time frame to cancel the hotel. You could call again and ask another agent to see if you have different luck, but that's about it on short notice.


Hope you can arrange something to use the credit. 



Re: Extending voucher for a second time

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@Tiffaniefuston I can hear the desperation and sadness in your words. So sorry that the trip you were hoping for isn’t coming together as you wanted. I know that you are disappointed, but there are other options out there. Is staying at a Hotel that is driving distance from your home doable? Perhaps your stepson would be just as excited spending time as a family at a local Hotel? I have done stay-cations at local Hotels with my family. The kids had a blast swimming in the pool, watching on demand TV, and ordering room service. It’s something you should consider. 


One thing I am taking away from your story is the amazing flexibility SW had with the flight voucher extensions. I have never heard of a carrier extending that many times.


Again, sorry things are not working out as you planned, but remember family time is why you wanted to plan a trip in the first place. 

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Re: Extending voucher for a second time

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@Passenger1C wrote:


 One thing I am taking away from your story is the amazing flexibility SW had with the flight voucher extensions. I have never heard of a carrier extending that many times.


Just to be clear, as the terminology can be confusing: Southwest doesn't extend travel funds, or vouchers.


Southwest will reissue expired travel funds as a voucher, good for 6 months.


Vouchers generally cannot be reissued.



Re: Extending voucher for a second time

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My best advice would be to take a weekend or day trip to use up the vouchers if you can, to get some experience out of them before they expire.


Another possibility might be that vouchers should be able to be used by anyone, maybe a family member or close friend could use them and then return the kindness at a later time when you have a chance to plan for a trip. (As opposed to travel funds which are in the passenger's name only.)





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