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Face shield toddler

Explorer C

Hello community,


We have been practicing with my recently turned 2 year old on wearing a mask for the last few weeks. She’s getting a little better, but still won’t wear it for a very long duration. She is more tolerant of wearing a face shield we have recently gotten her. It covers her nose and mouth area. 
My question is, has any one had experience with a toddler wearing JUST a face shield? Is this acceptable? We will be bringing both but i am just hoping for the smoothest situation possible and trying to prepare as best we can. We will continue practicing with both the face mask and shield prior to the flight. 


Re: Face shield toddler

Aviator A

Unfortunately, I am afraid it has to be an actual face mask. See here for more info (emphasis mine):


"The following are some examples of coverings that are not accepted:

  • Masks not made of a solid piece of material, including those with slits, exhalation valves, or punctures
  • Face shields (face shields may be worn in addition to a mask that meets the above required attributes)
  • Bandanas, scarves, ski masks, or balaclavas
  • Shirt or sweater collars (e.g., turtleneck collars) pulled up over the mouth and nose
  • Masks made from a single layer or thin fabric that do not block light
  • Masks that do not fit properly (large gaps, too loose or too tight)"

I can understand how it is really tough for toddlers, but you have to be prepared for flight attendants to enforce the rules. Good luck!


-A List, Companion Pass holder

Re: Face shield toddler

Explorer C

Thank you! We will keep working on the face mask, I’m sure she will get it eventually. 

Re: Face shield toddler

Frequent Flyer A

Sorry, Per the FAA Mandate it must be a mask not just a face shield.