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False Advertising Middle Seat

New Arrival

I'm curious, why is Southwest still sending out emails (as of 6/14/2021) advertising that the middle seat is open through November 30th, when it is not?  Southwest cannot use the excuse that, "well that flight was full."  Either the middle seat is open until November 30th, or it is not, there is really no middle ground for this if they are using it as advertising.  Not only did we have someone else in our row in April, we also had their lap child in the row with us.  The flight attendants were announcing, that every seat was available, the flight was full, and that passengers needed to take the first seat they found.


Re: False Advertising Middle Seat

Top Contributor

Uhhh... are you reading an old email?  That was November 2020.  Post a screenshot if it's a current email.



Re: False Advertising Middle Seat

Rising Star

I haven't received an e-mail about middle seats being open since November 2020 - because starting on December 1, all seats could be occupied. I specifically remember this because I flew on December 4, and the e-mails I got about my flights said that the opening seating policy ended on November 30 and the middle seat "may" be occupied on my flight.