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Family Travel was a joke.

Explorer C

I'm not 100% sure why southwest allows for family travel and dual boarding at the same time. First off, the last several times I purchased the early bird boarding I still was in the middle of boarding group B. So my wife and I decided not to as we were traveling with are 11month old and would utilize the family boarding as he has a bunch of things that needed to be folded before boarding. When we began boarding there were several other families in the same situation.  However, as soon as we began walking down to the plane they immediately allowed the next boarding groups to go outside onto the jetway and load from the back. By the time any families were able to get on the plane and try and get their seats situated there were no seats available together. Everyone for the end of the boarding groups had already boarded the plane. What's the point of allowing families to go because they need more time but literally were the last ones on with this method. My wife was left in a middle seat on her own trying to breastfeed my son rather then being able to have some assistance from her husband with the kid.


Re: Family Travel was a joke.

Aviator C

@Jjohnso I have been in your shoes before.  Not a fun experience, and not one I would wish on my biggest enemy.  I totally get your frustrations, but you most likely will not get the reply you are looking for on this discussion board from SWA. 


If you have Twitter, reach out to Customer Care via a DM.  I have always gotten a DM back within minutes.  The team is very helpful and fair. 


I will tell you that when the kids get bigger, the family travel experience  is so much easier. 



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Re: Family Travel was a joke.

Aviator A

As another Southwest customer I'm sorry to read about your experience.


I love the Southwest business model and I'm active here on the forums trying to help folks out.  So with that as context my *personal opinion* is that flying Southwest doesn't always work for everyone and the situation described here is an example of why.  Others may say it's rare to have a situation like this but when it happens to you, it doesn't matter.  My two cents.

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Re: Family Travel was a joke.

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I very much wish Southwest wouldn't utilize dual boarding.


Re: Family Travel was a joke.

Aviator A

@chgoflyer Agreed.  I hope this is something I never have to experience as a solo traveller...and def not while travelling with my family.


I echo the above: please take time to get this feedback directly to Southwest.

-A List, Companion Pass holder