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Fare price

New Arrival

I have not flown in over 20 years. I am searching for the best fair prices for myself and my two children they are teenagers so from my understanding I have to purchase them adult tickets please if anyone knows of any discounted app or site that I can get the best deal possible please let me know. Did I mention that I'm disabled and have a autistic son that will be fine with me?


Re: Fare price

Rising Star



To find the best prices on Southwest Airlines flights I would recommend checking out the low fare calendar Here it's a great tool for those on a budget trying to find the cheapest dates to travel. 


southwest is great with passengers with disabilities they actually care about the customers. 


Southwest however only sells there flights on and the Southwest app as well as by phone at 800-435-9792 no third party bookings though at this time.


hope all goes well!