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Fearful Flyer

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Hello -


Over the years my fear of flying has progressively gotten worse; to the point where a few months ago i exited the plane prior to departure due to the fear. I've experienced some turbulent flights, but my biggest fear is the 'cant escape' -  and im not fond of heights. Does Southwest offer any fear of flying classes? I live in the St. Louis MO area. 


I believe speaking with the pilot prior to the flight would possibly help, but i am not sure how to do something like that. I have family that live away, along with a job that requires some travel.


Appreciate any help!


Re: Fearful Flyer

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I think Southwest still offers Passengers with the fear of flying with a complimentary book to help alleviate those fears. Reach out to their Customer Relations and ask.  Also, as you're boarding your next flight, if you ask to speak to the Pilot, they usually will chat with you for a few minutes.  Southwest is good that way.  Hope this helps!

Re: Fearful Flyer

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Hello. You are not alone. Lots of people are nervous flyers. Some have ended up here and asked about the topic. Rather than try to recreate the discussions, it's easier to provide links to them.

You'll do fine.  I'd suggest that you Just  follow some of the suggestions.