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First Ever Complaint about Southwest

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I've always been a fan of Southwest- definitely my family's preferred airline.  Always had great experiences and customer service.  Last spring we had a very long delay and the gate attendants passed out $100 LUV vouchers to each passenger to apologize for the delay so my wife and I each got one.  We thought this was great- other airlines sometimes don't even apologize at all, let alone try to make up for it.  Then, on the plane they gave everyone free drinks for the trouble.  Again- great!  

Fast forward to this year where my wife and I are planning our annual vacation again.  After a TON of searching, we lost our LUV vouchers!  After looking everywhere I called Southwest with my original confirmation #'s, flight details, etc only to be told that if we lost the paper we are out of luck.  This seems crazy to me that they don't have records of this they can reproduce?  

Now I'm sadly looking at any/all airlines for my upcoming vacation.  

I hate to say a bad word about Southwest given all the positive experiences we've had, but this really bothered me.  I wish they'd change this policy or link credits to our RR accounts or something.



Re: First Ever Complaint about Southwest

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As Lindsey said in 2017:


"Thanks for posting in the Southwest Airlines Community - I'm so sorry to hear about your voucher!

Unfortunately, lost, stolen, and/or Southwest LUV Vouchers are not replaceable. 


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The Southwest Airlines Community"
Sorry, but to be blunt: you got the equivalent of cash and should have been more careful.

Re: First Ever Complaint about Southwest

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I was just thinking if McDonald's gave me a gift card for messing up my order there's no way I would expect them to replace it if I lost it.


It definitely sucks that you couldn't use the voucher, but I don't see how Southwest should get any of the blame.


I also think just the fact that Southwest gave you a voucher and free drinks would be reason enough to develop some loyalty to them. 



Re: First Ever Complaint about Southwest

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did you try calling customer relations or just reservations? If you called reservations they probably wouldn't be able to help you out. 


I would recommend calling customer relations at 855-234-4654 and see if they can find the voucher by looking up your confirmation number and possibly have it issued by email. There are no guarantees but worth a shot. You could also send an email by clicking on the contact us link at the bottom of this page. 


Good Luck!


Re: First Ever Complaint about Southwest

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As I like to add on, you can also try reaching out via social media. Often, the phone support and social support can do the same job!


Best of luck!



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