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First time family flyers with autistic son

Explorer C

Hi there! We are a family of three and will be flying for the first time next March with our 9yr old son who is Autistic. He is high functioning and does not require any kind of medical equipment however he does have anxiety around crowded areas. Anyone have any advice to make this trip any easier? We will be flying from Nashville, TN to New Orleans, LA. Also how does check in work and do we need to get him a government issued ID??


Re: First time family flyers with autistic son

Aviator A

Hi @KathyJane.


I do not have personal experience here, but a few things:


  1. He will not need a government ID.
  2. Here is an article that might be helpful.
  3. BNA recently did a mock flight (in efforts with another airline) for kids with Autism; how cool!  Take a look at their FB page around mid-Sept. for coverage.

Good luck!


-A List, Companion Pass holder

Re: First time family flyers with autistic son

Frequent Flyer C

I suggest that you self identify at the gate as someone needing extra time to board. You want to make sure you are all seated together.