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Flight #1797 6/27/2019

New Arrival

Amazing!! That’s all I can say about the ladies of this flight!!! I was traveling for the first time with my 8 month old daughter and it was just she and I. When I say these ladies went above and beyond to make sure we were comfortable and my baby was safe and happy?!?? They played with her. They watched her while I took a restroom break. They even went and brought me her car seat to strap her in after everyone boarded and there was an extra seat!!! These girls were amazing!!! I feel terrible for not having everyone’s name because you each deserve the personal recognition. And yes, each one of them took the time to check On is individually.  I couldn’t have had a better experience. It’s definitely going to be hard to beat! Thank you again ladies of flight #1797 from Dallas to Detroit! You rock!!! 💜💜💜


Re: Flight #1797 6/27/2019

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Thank you for sharing your experience! LUV that SW Heart! This is one of many reasons my family is fully loyal to SW!


Since this is a customer community, I am going to share your post with the SW Twitter team so that the crew can get the appropriate recognition! 




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Re: Flight #1797 6/27/2019

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Thank you for making sure our Employees get the recognition they deserve @elijahbrantley! And thank you @LydiaMartin84 for taking time to share your experience with us - we LUV hearing from Customers like you!