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Flight Cancellation Compensation?

Explorer C

So I woke up to a cancelled non stop flight home and a text saying I was rebooked to an earlier flight. Original flight at 625am. It got cancelled due to maintenance so we got bumped to a 6am flight. I was told this was an accommodation. This was far from it.

  1. The flight was Earlier so what if I missed the flight?
  2. I Had to rush to make the flight
  3. Had to deal with multiple southwest employees and a supervisor that told me he can’t compensate me even with a food voucher when we had a 3 flight itinerary starting at 605am and not getting home until 4pm
  4. Being in 4 airports in 1 day totaling a 9 hour travel day (not including having to be forced to rush to the airport or drive time)
  5. Multiple rude employee encounters. 1 lady even rolled her eyes at me and sighed* when I was asking questions

I was offered a $125 voucher for my companion and myself (the cost of the original flight). Is this how they value an A-List preferred customer? Does anyone know how much more I can actually get compensated? I was once given $200 for a 3 hour delay. This situation was technically an 8 hour delay with 3 different flight, 4 airports, rude employees, and not even a single food voucher given. 


Re: Flight Cancellation Compensation?

Aviator A

Getting a voucher that covers the entire cost of your flight sounds like fair compensation to me. You could contact Southwest Customer Relations, explain the situation and see if they will offer more.