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Flight Cancelled

Explorer C

I have a family of 6 expecting to leave for PBI this evening, but this morning was emailed that our flights were cancelled and a link to re-book that won't work and a message to call the Southwest CS number. I can't do anything online with my reservations and have been on hold for 45 minutes so far. How can this be ok? I need to be able to speak with someone sooner- I am sure the other flights are filling up as we speak.

Also- I used points to book so I can't just hop on and book a new flight for tomorrow because I want to be able to use my points and not sure if they could convert back to points?


Anyone have any insight here that could help?




Re: Flight Cancelled

Aviator A

Unfortunately, as you've discovered, Southwest isn't the best when it comes to cancellations / rebooking / IROPS. In your case, a phone or airport agent is the only way you'd get help. Even with all the promised "upgrades" for the new reservation system, being unable to rebook online still happens, and with frustrating frequency.


How did things ultimately work out?