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Flight and customer support indifference

Explorer C

Dear Susan Oltman;

My troubled flight from Las Vegas was on September 9 and after numerous emails I realize you don't have the flexibility to investigate and specifically detail a response to my stated issues or my reasonable request so I am left with appealing your generic verbiage to a much higher level with the hope that they can enlighten me why I and my family should be satisfied and ever want to trust Southwest Airlines with our future travel requirements.
It seems that the media has also noticed and reported on Southwest's pattern of stating "weather conditions" when other issues are involved which the media states relieves the airline from financial obligations to impacted customers. Contrary to your memo, there were no other variables noted by Southwest to alert me about the circumstances mentioned in my initial letter so I and my family were left in the dark and forced to pay the price for Southwest's deceptive, disorganization and incompetence.
When you were providing excuses you failed to mention the impact of mandating COVID injections for your employees and how that decreased the availability of pilots and support crew. Was the media or Southwest wrong with this reporting?
I will reach out next week to Gary Kelly, Alan Kasher and Robert Jordan for assistance and support in receiving my request!
Case # 32285781

Re: Flight and customer support indifference

Aviator A

You won't get a reply from Southwest here, this is a customer to customer forum. It appears you have already contacted someone and you are welcome to write to others if you want to, but this is not the forum to do so.