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Flight canceled due to weather, couldn't rebook bc it was sold out, sent our luggage without us

New Arrival

Thursday May 25 2017, my family was booked on flight 735 to NY. Unfortunately our plane was delayed for 2 hrs but we ended up being able to board our flight.  We sat on the flight for another 1 1/12 for them to tell us we were not going to be able to fly out. OK no problem, weather happens but as we unload from the plane to rebook, more bad news.  All of the flights to NY were sold out for the ENTIRE weekend.  Not only did we not get to go to NY, our luggage did! We were the last flight going out that night and unfortunately did not get to go.  I find it quite disturbing that they would not send our baggage to the baggage claim.  Instead they sent our luggage on the first flight out with none its passengers from the canceled flight? No compassion from the customer service agents, they just said well your bags will be at LaGuardia and oh yea we are sold out for the weekend! So long story short, they had to reroute our luggage for us to get it days later. And to make matters worse, I can't get anyone from SWA on the phone, I had to start a twitter account to get someone to respond to me.  

I have been flying with SWA for 20+ years and never experienced anything like this.  I go out of my way to book with SWA for all of my travel.  I would really like to resolve this issue/compensation of some sort for the lost money on our plans in NY.  I really don't have a desire to fly anyone else than SWA but if this is not resolved I will have no choice.  


Extremely disappointed