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Re: Flight cancelled twice and cost me a fortune!


@Obmed11 wrote:

At least you got a sorry.  I didn’t even get that.  The service person didn’t even make any suggestions and only did what I asked.  If I didn’t ask her to look for other airports or flights she would have just hung up on me. 

Same impersonal text with no details.  There was no weather problems at my destination or origination.  

I'm so sorry to know we let you down, @Obmed11 . As a peer-to-peer support forum, we aren't equipped to assist you here, but we encourage you to Contact Customer Relations if you'd like to have your experience documented. 


Community Manager

Re: Flight cancelled twice and cost me a fortune!

Aviator A

Southwest runs a lot of point to point flights. You might not be having weather, but somewhere along the way there might be.


For example SW 1370 today will fly from Denver to Baltimore to Nashville to Houston.

Lets say your flight from Nashville to Houston is cancelled even though there are no weather problems at either Nashville or Houston.


There might be weather problems in Denver or Baltimore that prevent the plane from ever getting to Nashville. Thus a cancelled flight.