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Flight cancelled

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Found out my 6 am flight was cancelled at 10 pm the night before. Tried to rebook a similar flight and they were all hours later. My options were to get to LGA 6 hours after my original flight or to fly into Newark (still 3 hours after) and drive into the city. Aka pay for a rental or Uber which I didn’t need before or to lose 6-7 hours of precious vacation time. Called southwest and spent 55 minutes on hold TO BE HUNG UP ON BY THE REPRESENTATIVE when I asked how Southwest could compensate me for the cost of the rental car and the hotel I paid for the night before for a 6 am flight (unnecessary with a later flight time because I could just drive the 3 hours to the airport the same day). She rudely let me know that I would need to speak to someone else about that. So when I asked to speak to a supervisor she told me I’d have to call back at 7 am on Monday morning (this all happened on a Friday night). Will never fly southwest again and they are all I have flown for the last 7 years. 


Re: Flight cancelled

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sorry to hear of your flight troubles. As you may know the MAX 8 groundings have made travel rough lately. Because the grounding of the MAX is out of the Airlines control I’m not sure they will be able to do much in terms of compensation. A 6 hour arrival delay after a flight cancellation is not as bad compared to some others who have had a day or days later arrival I know it’s inconvenient but it could be worse. 


If you would like to discuss possible compensation with Southwest I recommend you reach out to customer relations at 855-234-4654 Monday as the agent suggested over the phone but there are no  guarantees. 


Hope you make it without any other flight delays!


Re: Flight cancelled

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@sarahb3589 ,

yikes.  So sorry that this happened to you.  Like @bec102896, I suggest contacting them but I would probably opt for a letter.  It would be up to you to consider whether the letter should be instead of a call or in addition to a call. Southwest may not be able to immediately provide compensation but they may be able to provide something at a later time, and having the request in writing (versus only a phone call) will increase the likelihood of them being able to get back to you.  


I am thinking that it may be later because Boeing finally released a statement about the Max 8, so I tend to think there will be some settlement between them and the airlines in the future. 


Retooling the flights and crews, etc, usually could be done in advance of that 8 hour window of notification in most cases, so the money aspect is bad and the timing is worse.


As you have been a customer for years, I especially hope that you will give them another chance once all the Max 8 challenges get worked out.  This situation is not the norm for the company and, like weather delays, the rescheduling, the extra costs, the inconvenience for their customers is not typical.


Again, so sorry that this happened to you.