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Flying from Albany to FT Lauderdale FL

Explorer C

I am flying from Albany New York to Ft Lauderdale. Is there a self quarantine rule in affect for Florida residents? Or does that only apply to New York city & tri state area? I will becoming from Adirondack state Park.  Thanks


Re: Flying from Albany to FT Lauderdale FL

Aviator A

The wording seems to indicate that anyone flying to Florida from the tri state area (regardless of where home is) would need to self quarantine


"Anyone traveling from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, or New Orleans to any of our Florida destinations will be required to self-quarantine upon arrival for up to 14 days. This is effective starting March 28 until further notification is received from the Governor of Florida’s website."

Re: Flying from Albany to FT Lauderdale FL

Frequent Flyer A

Take a peek at the COVID hub here, for more info:

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