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Flying tamales

New Arrival

Hello everyone 

my aunt made me tamales to bring home. How can I bring them with me on the plane. Carry on or check in? 
and also, would I need to freeze them?


Re: Flying tamales

Rising Star

Here is TSA's list of foods you can bring as a carry on or checked: 


Tamales are sort of an in-between category to me because I wouldn't consider them "solid" food exactly - typically, most "solid" foods you can bring on board as a carryon item, but creams, dips, salsas, etc. are more questionable and they recommend having less than 3.4 oz of on board as a carryon, and it would be better to check it. 


You could also ask TSA on social media, if you aren't sure. 



Re: Flying tamales

Top Contributor

I don't think you'll have any problem, a tamale is very different than a cream or liquid and is more like a cake in texture.  As mentioned, asking TSA wouldn't hurt.  Enjoy!  Homemade tamales are the best!



Re: Flying tamales

Top Contributor

You should be able to bring them on the plane just be sure you bring enough for your flight crew 😜 (and me)