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Re: Flying with 3 cats in December 2020

Explorer C

I have a similar issue. My son and his wife live out West, and we live in NJ. 

I'd LOVE to see his home, spend time with the daughter in law that I adore, and to play with Grand-doggie. 

My son travels with his job, so we see him a few times a year.

Problem is--my two British Shorthairs are very attached to me. I could never board them! They would have to go with me. I would have to also stay in a hotel, because son and DIL both insist they are allergic to my girls, and Grand-doggie is deathly afraid of them!!

Hubby has said he would not deal with cats on a plane flight, nor will he stay home with the girls. When we only had 1 cat, I went to my son's boot camp graduation in SC, and Hubby stayed home-- my Gigi barfed all over my living room and pooped on the litter box rug until I came home.

Is there a way for me to go and see my son and DIL without traumatizing my cats, and having a nervous breakdown??

Ideally I'd like to take Hubby AND the cats. 

Thank you.

Re: Flying with 3 cats in December 2020


Hi @trishthegeek! That's a tough one, especially for cats who aren't used to air travel. Maybe you can find some helpful information in the following article: Flying with Felines.

We'd love to welcome you and the cats onboard!


Community Manager