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Flying with a teenager-- ID required?

New Arrival

I keep seeing specific requirements for infants/children under the age of 11 and requirements for an unaccompanied minor, but what about an accompanied minor? I have a 15 year old that will be accompanied by a parent traveling within the United States.

1. Will my teenager need any form of identification in order to fly SW? 

2. How (if at all) will the changes with the new real ID requirements in 2020 affect my teen?


Re: Flying with a teenager-- ID required?

Top Contributor

Passengers under 18 do not need any ID to get though security.


It's always a good idea to have some ID on you though like school ID just in case TSA or an airline employee questions but usually all your child will need to do is tell the TSA agent I'm under 18 they may ask the child for their age and they can proceed through security and to the gate. 


Hope this helps!