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Flying with baby

New Arrival

I read that you can check a stroller but am I able to bring a small umbrella stroller as a carry on to use during our layover?  Or is our checked stroller available for the layover?


Re: Flying with baby

Active Member

Good morning!


you will want to keep your stroller with you and gate check it. You can get your stroller tagged like the rest of your luggage, but take it with you through security. 


If your stroller folds down small enough to lay on the belt and send it through the X-ray machine, that's the easiest. However if it's too big, just tell the TSA personnel that it won't fit and they can do extra screening on it separately. 


You can then then use your stroller in the terminal and once you are boarding you fold down your stroller and leave it in the jetbridge area before you board the plane (there are often other strollers there). 


When exiting the plane for your layover, your stroller will again be in the jetbride for your use. This will be true anytime you leave your stroller for gate checking, whether it's your final destination, or a layover. 


Best of luck traveling, and don't forget to use Family Boarding!