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Flying with my younger sister

New Arrival

I am 21 and my younger sister is 16. We'll be flying within the next month and I was wondering if she needed a government issued I.D. We are on the same itinerary, and she has a school I.D. but I'm not sure if she needs anything more than this? Do I need a copy of her birth certificate as well to prove her age? 


Re: Flying with my younger sister

Top Contributor

Travelers under 18 traveling in the United States dont need an ID when your sister gets to the TSA check point she can just tell the TSA agent she is under 18 they may ask a simple question like how old she is and she should be on her way. It doesn't hurt to have a school ID in case they had some question but in my years of traveling under 18 I was never asked for an ID. 



Re: Flying with my younger sister

Rising Star

I've traveled with my grandchildren under the age of 18 with and without school IDs because of under 5.  I've always taken a birth certificate as a backup.  Because we are Indigenous tribal members, we have also used tribal identification as well.