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Folding Dolly

New Arrival

I have a Magna Cart Personal 150 lb Capacity Aluminum Folding Hand Truck (see link to a picture below).


Is it possible to check this in with my duffle bag attached to it? I will be using a bungee cord to secure the duffle bag to the dolly. I've never used the dolly to travel before and I could not find anything on whether I can check it in or not. Do you think it will get lost with all the baggage handling? Can I use the utility cart as a carry on and where would I store it (in the overhead bin or under the seat? My duffle bag does not have any wheels. Thanks for your time.


Re: Folding Dolly

Retired Community Manager

Hi @lcastro1298


You can check your bag with the dolly attached, but it is larger than our baggage guidelines allow for, there might be an oversize charge. Also, it will probably be conditionally accepted (meaning Southwest does not accept responsibility for damage) because it is an irregular object. You can check with the Ticket Agent to see if they thing it meets the standards for a carryon bag. If it folds up small enough, you could probably put it in the overhead bin.