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Re: Forced off the plane




We appreciate everyone here sharing their travel experiences and candid thoughts related to travel during the pandemic. As this thread has become heated, I'm dropping in a friendly reminder that everyone on the Community is expected to follow the Golden Rule.  We welcome all Community Members to engage with the content we find here, as long as it is respectful and on-topic, and we encourage everyone to refresh themselves on our Community User Guidelines.


Additionally, the Community is a peer-to-peer support forum. If you have concerns regarding a specific travel experience with Southwest or would like to submit a suggestion, you will need to Contact Customer Relations


A few things to note regarding the topics covered in this discussion:


If you have a disability, as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act, that prevents you from wearing a mask, but still wish to travel: Southwest is currently finalizing steps for a Customer to take to apply for a disability-related exemption from the mask requirement. The first date Southwest would allow a Customer with an exemption to travel is March 21.


Additionally, while Southwest is no longer limiting onboard capacity by blocking middle seats, we continue to evaluate our policies and procedures based on public health guidance and advice from medical and aviation organizations. With the Southwest Promise, we’re committed to supporting the well-being of our Employees and Customers by requiring face coverings; using HEPA air filters onboard (similar to the technology found in hospitals); and applying both an electrostatic disinfectant and an antimicrobial spray on every surface of the aircraft, killing viruses on contact and forming anti-microbial coating that lasts for 30 days. 


While elements of our experience have changed and will continue to evolve, we are committed to delivering the same Southwest Hospitality that you know and expect. For more info about the Safety measures we're taking, check out The Southwest Promise.


Thank you.












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Re: Forced off the plane

Explorer B

Hi Nicole - I read in southwest's New policy where you can apply for an exemption to the mask rule it says it's only available on flights below 50% capacity. If you are indeed able to get this exemption in the form of a medical note from a doctor for your 2-year-old child because the doctor does not believe a 2 year old child presents a threat to infecting others on a plane nor should they be wearing a mask, how would one confirm they would even be able to book a flight that is under 50% capacity? Also it notes that you would need to get a covid test completed prior to the flight, but many places will not do rapid tests on children that young and with constant changes in the flight capacity it would be like hitting a moving Target. I guess I'm questioning if Southwest's new policy is even feasible? Or if it was made in a way to get around even being available.

Re: Forced off the plane

Aviator A

@cmcarpen78 You'll want to direct your questions to Southwest Customer Relations.

Contact Customer Relations