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Frozen food & liquids

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I am traveling from MCO to STL and we are bringing probably over 10 pounds of frozen meat with us as well as some frozen breast milk. The meat comes in air sealed plastic packaging and the milk is in double-zip plastic bags. 


So after reading the policies online, I’m still wondering.. do we HAVE to put these items in refrigerant bags then inside of our luggage and have to use ice packs? Or put extra wrapping around anything? Or can we just put it all in the checked luggage as is since it’s all sealed and frozen? 




Re: Frozen food & liquids

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If you are concerned about any of it thawing you may want to consider some sort of cooler with ice packs, even soft sided cooler bags would be better than nothing. Typically the major concern is preventing things from leaking, but it sounds like you have already addressed that.



Re: Frozen food & liquids

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My experience: sandwhich in my carry-on along with a frozen ice pack, the reusable white bag which comes in a foam box containing drugs. After going through the TSA inspection (xray only), I thought the TSA slipped up. However, since it had not reverted to its unfrozen liquid (jell?) state (mostly), there had been no mistake which I believe I confirmed later on the TSA web site

My belief is you will not have a problem. Since your box is only ten pounds, I'd suggest you carry it on for several reasons.