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Gate Checking a Booster Seat or Carry On?

New Arrival

I need to pack a booster seat for my 6 year old niece to travel by car once we land.  We have a brief stop where we do not exit the plane on our way to our destination.  Given that, is it better to carry the booster seat in a bag onto the plane as one of my carry ons and place it over head or gate check it? I don't want it to be taken off the plane and put in the jetway on our stop and not placed back on the plane or someone else walk off with it. I am reluctantant to check with my regular checked luggage for fear it would be damaged.


Re: Gate Checking a Booster Seat or Carry On?

Top Contributor

If it will fit in the overhead storage bin (my guess is that it would), then you can take it on as carryon. If the flight was super full and no overheard space was available or for some other reason it needed to be gate checked, it would only be set out for pick up at your final destination. I could see someone accidentally taking the wrong suitcase (many do look alike), but don't forsee a problem of someone taking your booster seat before you got off the plane to get it at your final destination.