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Gate check in agents LIED

Explorer C

I was at FLL this evening for a flight to Tampa which was delayed an hour. The gate agent said that we would board at 8:05, and leave at 8:35pm, now, because they "found" another plane. (It was supposed to leave at 7:40pm, but conflicting information from SW communicated it was leaving at 8:35pm/9:45pm/10pm. At 8:20pm when the plane had not arrived, I walked up to the Gate agent (s) , there were 3 and got 3 different answers. One said the plane was not there yet, the other said it was coming in and would be deplaning soon and the other one said it arrived. Clearly it was not there, and no one was lined up so i walked to Hudsons for a snack. I was gone for 10 minutes. When i came back I sat in front of the gate. I was sitting there for a long time and watching the gate agents have conversations amongst themselves, never saw a passenger at the door to the plane. Then my name was called, i walked to the gate agent and they said, where are you trying to go, and i said i told you Tampa, and they said well that flight just left. WHAT?! I was sitting right there. Why are you paging me NOW that it is gone and they said "we didnt know they closed the doors".  Then one of them said we thought you were going to Baltimore. Are you kidding me?? Is this a joke? its not a big airport, wny didnt they page me before the door closed?? I was listening to ALL announcements but they were so busy talking amongst themselves they neglected a customer who needed to get to TAMPA TONIGHT for a meeting first thing tomorrow morning. 


Re: Gate check in agents LIED

Aviator A
That does not sound fun -- most of the folks on the forums are other customers like us so you probably want to contact the Customer Relations team directly by phone or Twitter. Specific contact information is on this page:

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