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Get you checked bags from a cancelled flight

New Arrival

I was supposed to fly from MCO --> BUF on 10/8/2021. I got boarded and had a check in bag, after multiple delays and boarded on a plane, we were deplaned and told our flight is cancelled. All of us asked to get our checked bags back and I cancelled my entire trip. Southwest stated my bag has to go to Buffalo even though I don't live there and I cancelled my entire trip. WHY?! I have been calling both BUF and MCO baggage services like a mad man to get them to let me just pick up my bag in MCO where I live. However 2 days later, I have no clue where the heck my bag is or if I will see it again. There goes my camera and some other stuff that I wished I never checked in. 


Any advice on how I can get my checked bag back since I live near MCO not BUF?




Re: Get you checked bags from a cancelled flight

Rising Star

Rule of thumb with checked bags: never pack anything valuable. Always put valuables in your carryon. 


That aside, I'm not sure why Southwest would still take your bags to Buffalo when your flight was cancelled and you were not going on a new flight to Buffalo. Did you get confirmation that your bag made it to Buffalo? Did you file a lost baggage report? You should be able to follow up on the status of your bag with that. More information on lost or damaged bags here: